Jeana Ayres

Jeana Ayres is a ranch girl at heart. Her functional fitness journey began as a child, bailing hay and chopping wood in northern New Mexico where she was born and raised. These functional movements transferred easily to her favorite movements, the clean and jerk and sledge hammers. Her CrossFit journey began in 2010 in Florida at Fort Walton Beach CrossFit. Already in decent shape from being an officer in the United States Air Force, she wanted to challenge herself and gain more upper body strength. She fell in love with CrossFit and immediately began training everyday, eventually placing in several competitions. Due to her affiliation with the military, she was able to move around and experience several Crossfit gyms around the world. Her coaching journey began in 2019 at Southern Pines Crossfit in North Carolina. While at the gym, she found herself helping athletes before and after her workouts, cultivating her love and passion for helping others and leading her to becoming a coach. She is a mother of two wonderful children (Jeremy, 5yrs, and Jane 8 months) and the wife of an amazing husband. If you need help strengthening your pelvic floor from pregnancy, surgery, weight loss, or any other reason, she has the tools to help!

Photo by: Monika Cardoni

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