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Monika Cardoni

Monika is an Army wife and mom to 2 boys. She started her fitness journey 10 years ago. Her first encounter with functional fitness was in September 2019. She fell in love with CrossFit instantly! She enjoys the intensity, the hard work, the fact that there is always some new skill to work on or learn or something to improve upon. It is never boring!


Monika is a translator ( English, German and Polish) but decided to change her professional path a little and completed the CF L1 in June 2020. She started coaching soon after. She continued her fitness education and passed the National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer exam in January 2021. She is also a USA Weightlifting L1 Coach. Monika is currently studying to become a Precision Nutrition L1 Coach.


Coaching a class, helping athletes improve, helping them get closer to and reach their goals and seeing the smiles on their exhausted faces after a good, hard Metcon has become one of the best parts of her day. They often surprise themselves with what they can achieve and it is an amazing thing to witness. She does enjoy the competitive aspect of CrossFit and likes to use it to motivate herself and others.

Photos by: Laura Alexander

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