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As you challenge your body with our CrossFit Unconquered programming, you will also want to compliment this with a healthy eating regimen. We are offering services to allow you to give your body exactly what it needs to perform at its best and meet your nutritional needs. There are many great nutritional programs out there, but we feel that flexible dieting yields the best results and facilitates a lifestyle that can be easily maintained.  


CFU Nutrition includes individualized macronutrient calculation (and recalculation as needed), flexible dieting counseling, and individualized monitoring. Pricing is as follows:

  • Individualized Macro Calculation and Flex Diet Counseling - $30 (one time fee)

  • Individualized Macro Calculation, Flex Diet Counseling, Individualized Monitoring - $50/month 

"I started flexible dieting a month ago. I am a picky eater and it has given me hope that I can lose weight while eating foods I love.  I have lost 5 lbs in a month and I have more energy. I feel less bloated and I do not crave as many processed carbs anymore.  What shocks me the most is that I am eating 2,000 calories and losing weight and inches. I always thought I had to eat 1200 calories to lose weight. I want to lose weight slow and steady so it stays off for good. I'm loving flexible dieting and cannot wait to see where I am at in another month. This is a lifestyle change I can get used to since I'm not depriving myself of anything."
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