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Cindy started to practice yoga (consistently) since 2012 when living in NYC. She needed to find an “escape” from the hustle bustle life in New York. A commitment to a 30 day challenge turned into 100 days of hot yoga. She got hooked on the dynamic & mental challenge hot yoga had to offer. Her yoga journey was somewhat derailed when Cindy endured a life threatening accident in 2013 breaking many bones in her body , to include her shoulder blade. Yoga was instrumental in her recovery, which led her to restore strength & mobility. In 2020, Cindy completed her RYT 200 at Torch Yoga in Virginia Beach. As a yoga teacher, she encourages students to be authentic in their practice; to meet themselves where they are at on their mats. You may hear the quote in her classes “show up to suck before you show up to shine”. Cindy’s professional training is in mental health & yoga has been her source of self care and a place she has been able to find and practice self compassion. She believes Yoga is so much more than a physical practice. So much insight can be gained in exploring how you show up on your mat- it’s often how you show up in other parts of your life.