Joe Klassen
Joe Klassen

Deadlift 435 2K row 6:27 Box Jump 24" Hang Squat Clean 220#


CrossFit Level 1


Joe Klassen

I was a wrestler as a kid. I greatly enjoyed the one on one nature of the sport. I learned that while a team is important that ultimately success comes down to your effort and willingness to put in the hard work.

As an adult I ballooned in weight to 347# and could barely walk across a room without taking a break. A member of the church I pastor challenged me to stop talking about self control and start displaying it. I took the challenge and have since lost 125# and have recently completed my first sprint triathlon and registered for another.

I want to serve those who have ignored that they are going downhill and now find themselves feeling as if there is no way to climb out of the fitness hole they are in. I want to challenge people to go beyond where they are stuck. I want to be the voice of encouragement that others need.