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Craig has been involved in athletics all his life. He played  and baseball, basketball, and track all through high  and continued playing basketball through college.  Looking for something different in terms of fitness, Craig found CrossFit in 2011 and got his Level 1 in early 2013.  Before moving to Leavenworth, Craig coached at CrossFit and Olympic Lifting 316 CrossFit in Wichita, KS. Craig loves that CrossFit can be for anyone from those just beginning their fitness journey to top tier athletes.

  • CF-L1

  • CF Mobility

  • USAW Sports Performance Level 1


Dave has been involved in athletics since a young age, having played soccer and baseball through middle school; basketball, track, and cross country through high school; and rowing all four years in college. It wasn't until he found CrossFit (or did it find him?) in 2009 that he found his passion. Since attending his first CrossFit Level 1 seminar in 2010, Dave has coached at four different affiliates and founded a military affiliate (CrossFit 89 at Fort Bragg, NC), where he served as affiliate manager and head coach for two and a half years before the Army moved him to the Leavenworth/Lansing area. Dave enjoys working out and competing, but found his real passion is helping others realize their potential.


  • CF-L1 (2010, 2015)

  • CF-L2 (2011)

  • CF Goal Setting Seminar (2012

  • USAW Sports Performance (2011)

  • CrossFit Games Open Competitor 2011-2016


Mike is a farm kid from ND that played basketball in elementary, junior high, and high school, then spent 3 years learning judo in college. He found CrossFit through a friend in 2007 and thought it was odd, even though his friend was seeing real results from it. In 2009, he attempted his first 5k on the Concept2 rower, did "Cindy" for the first time, and was hooked. He coached at CrossFit Xiphos in Huntsville, AL and Iron Major CrossFit in 2016 before joining CrossFit Unconquered in early 2017. While Mike still enjoys working out, he's found that helping others improve their quality of life is what CrossFit is really about.

  • USAW Sports Performance (2016)

  • CF-L1 (2016)

  • CF-L2 (2017)